Magia Record English Cheats [Magia Stones & CC]

Magia Record English Cheats

Magia Record English Cheats Tool has been finally published by our team. Now you can enjoy this magical girls game and becoma the most powerful playere ever! You can expect only the best quality of Cheats Tool by our developer team. We made sure to eliminate any bugs and glitches and we are now proud to anounce that our Magia Record English Cheats is out of the beta test phase and we would like to thank all our loyal fans and beta testers. The Cheats tool was web-based, and consisted of several steps. Looking for working Cheats for Magia Record English game app? Then you are in luck as today we will share with you how you can have unlimited free Magia Stones for Magia Record English. Like all our Cheats Tool this Magia Record English Cheats is totally free for everyone all over the world all you need to do is Share it on social media. Now I will list some of it’s features. You can use our Magia Record English Mod Apk to generate CC in Magia Record English.
Have you wondered how to get Magia Stones in Magia Record English? You can do that with our Magia Record English Generator. Likewise you can Unlock all Characters totally for nothing. One oddity in this adaptation of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record Cheats is the new Log Cleaner and the capacity to Unlock all Characters. This will effortlessly give you a chance to get CC coins and Magia Stones bars. Your Magia Stones bars and CC coins will be stacked for you. They are good with Android and iOS frameworks, Windows and significantly more, yet association with will be required on the off chance that we are alluding to PCs. Our new Magia Record English Cheats Tool is ok for use. Nobody will be able to restrict you from utilizing it or making the showing with it. That is all gratitude to one new Proxy Protector System which shrouds your IP address and makes you difficult to follow. Against Ban frameworks are set up to forestall all bans. After the majority of that I’m certain you can hardly wait to begin to utilize our new form of the successful Magia Record English Cheats so I won’t keep you perusing for quite a while. I will simply rehash once again. Boundless free Magia Stones, free CC in Magia Record English, Unlock all Characters and a whole lot all the more new and cool things anticipate you in this Cheats Tool. Have a fabulous time!!

Magia Record English Cheats Features

  • Infinite free Magia Stones – Get all Magia Stones you want.
  • Generate Unlimited CC – You will have the ability to generate unlimited CC for your Magia Record English account
  • Unlock all Characters by using this Magia Record English Cheats Tool
  • Works on all iOS and Android phones and tablets, no root needed
  • New User interface
  • Proxy IP Mask
  • Anti-Ban Protector

Magia Record English Review

Magia Record English (MagiReco for short) is a mobile gacha game developed by f4samurai. Set in the world of Madoka Magica, it features an original story with new characters, as well as those from the original Madoka anime. Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record was originally only available in Japanese and Chinese, but an English release happened in 2019. In Magia Record English, magical girls can be strengthened in a number of ways. These include leveling (both through experience gems, and through quest completion), awakening magical girls to a higher rarity, raising Magia levels and unlocking Doppels, and opening up Memoria slots with Destiny Gems. At first discharged in Japan in 2017, Magia Record English presents to you a fresh out of the box new Magical Girl story from the inventive group behind the tremendously well known Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime arrangement. Notwithstanding the opening liveliness, which was finished by SHAFT (MONOGATARI Series, March comes in like a lion), the portable game highlights crafted by Gekidan Inucurry (Doroinu), who handles the plans for the Witches, just as aokiume, who filled in as the first character architect for the anime arrangement and contributed more than ten new structures for the game.
Everything here, aside from opening up Memoria spaces, is going to cost you cc, continuously more as you level up. Of these strategies, step up enchanted young ladies is the best, and the first another player should begin with. Magia Record English Girls in the realm of Magia Record English can wind up Magical Girls, creatures compelled by a solemn obligation to fight Witches for the remainder of their lives, by making an agreement and having one of their desires allowed. Abnormal things have begun occurring in an expanding city called Kamihama. Enchanted Girls have started assembling just as they were driven by some puzzling power, and their unending fight keeps on ensueing there. Has Ui been deleted from presence? Iroha Tamaki, a Magical Girl, is attempting to make sense of what befell her sister. On the off chance that I can make sense of what’s happening here, I may Homura Akemi, additionally a Magical Girl, is searchi Go into the otherworldly young lady menu from the menu on the right (first choice at the top), and select the choice at the top. Here, you can see the majority of your mysterious young ladies at the base of the page, and on the right, the majority of the experience pearls (or “Exp diamonds”) you’ve gathered. Exp diamonds give more experience the higher quality they are, and utilizing Exp pearls of a similar component as the enchanted young lady you’re utilizing them on – or All sort Exp jewels – will give more Exp. There’s a thick story, new witches and supernatural young ladies, and energizing RPG ongoing interaction. It was created by f4samurai, and the makers got Shaft as well as even the incredible arranger Yuki Kajiura to return for the undertaking. Some more youthful fans might not have seen Puella Magi Madoka Magica as it broadcast an entire 8 years. In any case, similar to Neon Genesis Evangelion or Cowboy Bebop, it’s completely required looking for any anime. I would prefer not to toss around the abused word ‘deconstruction’ yet while it might resemble some other mysterious young lady appear superficially, individuals who’ve watched it know its anything other than. It includes probably the most noteworthy visual course anime brings to the table and its story alternates nobody could have ever anticipated. It’s presently on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

Magia Record English Guide

Magia Record English Guide is here! Step up mystical young ladies through missions is additionally conceivable, however the Exp picked up is altogether not exactly through Exp jewels. The one exemption to this is Special Training occasions, which give helped Exp to the young ladies highlighted. The game will take you through the fundamental interactivity instructional exercise and part of Main Story Chapter 1. You should finish these before you can access the principle game menu. Try not to feel lost on the off chance that you don’t comprehend the game content; the game will incite which catches you have to press. For interpreted data on interactivity, see the Basic Gameplay Guide. All through this time, the game may download more information to guarantee it is completely cutting-edge. When you have finished Main Story Chapter 1 Episode 2 Battle 2, you will be given a 25 free Magia Stones and a one-time Gacha that costs…25 Magia Stones. “The Endless Mirrors”, otherwise called The Barrier of the Mirror Witch, is the game’s Player-Versus-Player (PVP) game mode. In Mirrors, you pit your group of up to 5 Magical Girls against those made by different players. Fighting in Mirrors procures you focuses, which advance you through the Mirrors-explicit story, and Mirrors Coins which can be spent in the Shops. Mirrors fights require Battle Points (BP) to play. You can have up to 5 BP without a moment’s delay, and you recover 1 BP consistently.
You can utilize BP Potions to refill your BP measure, yet you can never have more than 5 BP at once. Mirrors is accessible in the wake of finishing Main Story Chapter 3. Ordinarily, just the customary Mirrors Story Mode is accessible. From this Gacha you get 9 boundless Magical Girls and additionally Memoria, in addition to one 4* Magical Girl of your decision from a littler rundown. Just tap the young lady you need, at that point click the pink catch to accept and begin your turn. Preparing: A rundown of occasion journeys are accessible. These missions give reward EXP and Episode focuses for explicit Puella Magi highlighted in the occasion pennant. Chiefly a limited time journey for players to accept the open door raise explicit young ladies in a financially savvy way. Gacha is the place you can spend your Magia Stones to acquire new Magical Girls and Memoria. They can be utilized in the Normal Gacha or in the Shop, and can be valuable for new players. While you get SP from taking on in conflicts, you can likewise make Supports for different players to utilize. In the event that different players utilize your backings, you gain a reward measure of SP every day. To set your backings, first go into the Team menu. Top off the same number of openings as you can to begin. Try not to stress in the event that you can’t fill each opening – you’re simply beginning and you’ll get a lot of solid Magical Girls in time! Similarly as with most Gacha diversions, there is a level of karma engaged with what you get.

Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story Guide is really good! The Gacha Rates can be seen for each separate Gacha, so know that you may not generally get who or what you need. To make things somewhat simpler, Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record works a Pity System. When you have had 99 twists of the Gacha without a 4* Magical Girl, your 100th turn will dependably be a 4* Magical Girl. Getting a 4* Magical Girl will reset your counter. There are 3 principle sorts of Gacha. (float over this picture to perceive what the various regions are) This is the game’s fundamental Gacha. It is constantly accessible and includes each boundless Magical Girl and Memoria. 1 paid turn = 8 PURCHASED Magia Stones. This is just accessible once every day, and just uses Magia Stones that have been paid for with genuine cash. 1 turn = 25 Magia Stones or 1 Gacha Ticket. In the event that you have tickets, they are utilized before Magia Stones. 10 turns = 250 Magia Stones or 1 10 Gacha Ticket. On the off chance that you have tickets, they are utilized before Magia Stones. This sort of occasion likewise accompanies a lot of missions that can be finished each occasion for Magia Stones and Gems, more on that in Section 6.3. Tower: A rundown of occasion missions are accessible. The player handles hubs in both Story and Challenge arrangement of missions.
The player clears lower-level journeys so as to open resulting, harder missions, much like climbing a pinnacle. In this sort of occasion, unique occasion just cash is utilized to open occasion missions, which is picked up from some other kind of journey. For instance, utilized in the A Diary to Write With You occasion. Mirrors: PvP battles against different spots, yet with regards to an occasion as opposed to Mirrors. Uncommon occasion buff things are additionally accessible, and PvP battles in the occasion give occasion indicates likewise typical PvP rewards, just as having exceptional missions to finish for remunerations. Outstandingly just utilized in the Magical Halloween Theater ~A Magical Girl Troupe for a Day~ (Halloween section 1) occasion up until now. When you have done your instructional exercise turn, you will almost certainly access the Home Screen. Since you have full access to the game, you should survey your game settings. Additionally incorporated into this is setting a recuperation secret key. You need a recuperation secret word to move your account to another gadget or play on the PC rendition. To access your settings, go to the Home Screen and snap on the gear icon. After leveling magical girls to their maximum level, the next step a new player should take is awakening them. To do this, you need to gather certain materials. Opening the option on the left of the magical girl menu, or the third option on the right, will show you the required materials for the magical girl you have selected.

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